Indianapolis Colts Inside Slant 2008-09-27

No worries. Concerns? Perhaps. But there's plenty of work to get accomplished before the Indianapolis Colts play their next game.

That's the mindset of the Colts players and coaches as the team goes into its bye week. Indianapolis had a workout on Wednesday and will have a Thursday practice before the team is given Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.

Once everybody reassembles next Monday, the focus will squarely be on the team's Oct. 5 road game with the Houston Texans. After dropping a 23-21 decision at home to AFC South rival Jacksonville last week, regaining some much-needed momentum against a divisional opponent on the road will be paramount.

But while Indianapolis has gotten off to an uncharacteristic 1-2 start this year, there have been no signs of panic or despair. Rather, the inconsistent play of both the Colts' offensive and defensive units appears to have toughened the resolve of Tony Dungy's team to get things turned around.

"We're a couple of plays away from 0-3 and we're a couple of plays away from being 3-0. But that's the nature of the NFL. None of these games are easy. Every opponent is a tough opponent and we've just got to get better at finishing games, getting more proficient at doing what we do and I think we'll be fine," Colts linebacker Gary Brackett said this week.

Taking advantage of the bye week to help get things settled down will be important.

"For us, (the bye week) is probably coming at the right time. We get a chance to do some things and really not prepare for an opponent but concentrate on straightening some of our situations out. We get a chance to get some guys healed up, which is good," Dungy said.

"We really only had six (offensive) linemen that were practicing (Wednesday), so it would have been tough in a few positions to have a regular workday week. So (the bye) is probably good for us right now. And what we want to do, again, is just try to improve and use it that way. I think it would be good for us."

Team president Bill Polian concurs.

"(The timing of the bye week) couldn't be better. It gives us an opportunity to get a bunch of people healed up and get them out there and back into the swing of things. This is an important week, even though we will not work with pads on," Polian said.

"It gives us the opportunity to get back to fundamentals, to get new people such as our big tackles into the flow of things and to get back to fundamental things that have made us a good football team. The players will work Wednesday and Thursday and have Friday and Saturday off and come back Monday. Then, we hit a brand-new week and get ready for Houston.

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Added: September 27, 2008